DEX-93 Fax Form & Numbers

PA Department of Revenue DEX-93 Fax Cover Sheet.  Use this sheet when responding to Revenue notices via fax.

NOTE:  Please include only one taxpayer’s information and one tax year per fax.  Do not highlight information on any sheets included with the fax.  If the taxpayer received a notice, please include a copy of the notice with your response.

Bureau of Individual Taxes Billing:   717-705-6236  Use this fax number to  reply to a notice which is in a preassessment (billing) billing status or if you disagree with an adjustment that has been made to a return.

 Bureau of Individual Taxes Hold:  717-783-5823  Use this fax number to reply  to a notice when additional information has been requested by the Department.

Bureau of Individual Taxes Assessment:   717-772-9218  Use this fax number to reply to a notice which is in an assessment status or if you need to provide additional information in response to an assessment notice.


Required E-File Return Attachments:

 717-772-4193 or 717-787-2840   Use these fax numbers to submit a copy of the Military orders, W-2(s), 1099(s) or other information as required in the PA-40 Instructions for electronic filing.

717-705-6651   Use this fax number to submit a copy of the Other states’ tax returns to verify the resident credit.