The PA Department of Revenue is moving forward with a comprehensive reorganization strategy to realign staff in the department’s business tax bureaus and call centers. The goal of this initiative is to streamline department functions, increase efficiencies and improve customer service for Pennsylvania taxpayers.
Importantly, any account specific notices that you receive will contain updated contact information to ensure you can reach staff in the appropriate bureau in the department. Also, many of the phone numbers you have been using to reach the department will remain the same. Here are some important numbers to keep in mind:

• General Business Tax Questions: 717-787-1064
• Business Tax Collections Questions: 717-783-8434
• Registration: 717-783-3653
• e-Business Unit: 717-783-6277

As part of our reorganization, two bureaus within the department, the Bureau of Business Trust Fund Taxes and the Bureau of Corporation Taxes, have been realigned into three new bureaus — the Bureau of Business Tax Returns Processing, the Bureau of Business Taxpayer Accounting and the Bureau of Taxation Support. Additionally, the Tax Registration Office has been rebranded as the Bureau of Registration and Taxpayer Management. Here is a synopsis of the new bureaus:

Bureau of Business Tax Returns Processing – This bureau aligns the core process of returns processing and is organized to efficiently process returns that suspend and require a person to review the returns.

Bureau of Business Taxpayer Accounting – This bureau aligns the core process of taxpayer accounting and is organized to efficiently and accurately apply payments to taxpayer accounts, correct misapplied payments posted to the system, apply and track taxpayer credits, process refund requests and manage taxpayer accounts.

Bureau of Taxation Support – This bureau is designed to provide information and support to senior management of the business tax organizations. This bureau manages special projects (tax code changes, restricted credit calculations, etc.) and monitors performance across the related business processes.

Bureau of Registration and Taxpayer Management – This bureau will continue to perform the functions of the current Taxpayer Registration Office, including registering business taxpayers across all tax types and maintaining the taxpayer’s accounts over the lifetime of the business. The Bureau of Registration and

Taxpayer Management will continue to streamline current processes so resources can be reallocated and begin to take on additional duties that fall within the taxpayer management purview.

In addition to these moves, we have launched a consolidated call center within the department’s Customer Experience Center. This move resulted in employees who previously worked in the department’s collections call center joining with staff in the customer service call center, which is comprised of employees who answer inbound calls from taxpayers. This part of the reorganization plan was designed to better align resources and have more staff in place to respond to incoming taxpayer phone calls, particularly during periods of the year when call volumes are high. We have already gained many efficiencies by moving our call center employees into one bureau.

In closing, I would like to again stress that these changes in our organizational structure were all made to help us become more efficient and improve the way we interact with our customers — the taxpayers of Pennsylvania.

John Kaschak, CPA CGMA CISA| Executive Deputy Secretary
PA Department of Revenue