Business taxpayers and tax practitioners now have the ability to receive and view Department issued correspondence electronically.

Once you enroll for this feature, requested correspondence will be delivered to you securely through the e-TIDES Document Center in PDF format.  You can choose to save and print correspondence at any time or continue to access it within the e-TIDES Document Center.  This new electronic delivery saves time, money, provides up-to-date information and is environmentally friendly. You will no longer receive correspondence via US mail.

The exact steps needed to access the new functionality in the e-TIDES Document Center vary slightly based on your current access.  To learn more, visit the Get Assistance section in e-TIDES and select ‘Document Center Instructions’ then ‘Electronic Correspondence’ for step-by-step setup instructions.  The enrollment for e-Correspondence is a separate process than the existing e-SOA.

Click here to watch a short video on the features.

To sign up now, log in to e-TIDES and select ‘Document Center’ then select ‘Request Access to View all Documents’.