PSTAP Gives Small Firms a Voice

We are committed to proactive advocacy on behalf of our membership. We do this by actively building relationships with lawmakers, local, state and federal governmental agencies and by collaboration with other organizations to give small firms a voice on matters affecting the profession, your clients and your livelihood.  You can count on PSTAP to bring systemic issues to light and to help you navigate challenges with governmental agencies such as the PA Department of Revenue, IRS, and the Pennsylvania State Board of Accountancy.

In order to best serve our membership, we retain the services of the prestigious Harrisburg-based Governmental Relations firm, Saxton & Stump to ensure that all of our bases are covered.  We monitor, analyze, and provide feedback on legislation and foster strong relationships in Harrisburg.  
  • Repeal of Accelerated Sales Tax Payments - Pennsylvania requires businesses with sales tax liability of at least $25,000 during the third calendar quarter of the preceeding year to prepay sales tax.  PSTAP supports HB 1404, introduced by Representative Jesse Topper (referred to House Finance) to simplify tax compliance, promote fairness and to ease the financial burden on businesses.

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  • SALT Cap Work Around - Pennsylvania is one of only a few states with a state income tax that currently has no statutory SALT Cap workaround.  This places our business owners and residents at a disadvantage with other states, many of which are neighboring states.

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We Get Your Questions Answered.  PSTAP committee members come to Harrisburg each December to participate in a roundtable Q&A with  representatives of the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue.  PSTAP members have an opportunity to submit questions/issues to be included in our discussion.  Written questions are submitted by our committee prior to the meeting and written responses are received from the DOR following the meeting and then presented to the membership. 
We Assist with Issue Resolution.   Members who have worked through the recommended communications channels at the PA Department of Revenue, but have been unable to resolve a client issue can contact PSTAP for assistance.  We shouldn't be your starting point, but if there is something you haven't been able to resolve on your own, please let us know.    Submit Your Issue Here
PSTAP Succeeds in Efforts to Retain Telefile - In the Fall of last year, the practitioner community was informed that the PA Department of Revenue would decommission Telefile, a telephone based system for the remittance of some business and employer taxes. After input from our members, we went to work to preserve Telefile if not entirely, to some degree.
Annual Fall Tax Seminars -  We host six locations of the PA Department of Revenue Fall Tax Seminar each year, providing a unique opportunity to meet Revenue employees and hear the latest updates while getting your questions answered and your issues resolved.
PSTAP monitors all meetings of the Pennsylvania State Board of Accountancy and is vigilant on board voting actions and proposed regulations that affect our membership.   
The Pennsylvania State Board of Accountancy is comprised of nine CPAs, one PA and three public members.