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Active Member

Active Membership Annual Dues:  $199

ACTIVE members must EITHER hold one of the following licenses/designations:  

  1. Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
  2. Public Accountant (PA)
  3. Enrolled Agent (EA)
  4. Accredited in Accountancy or Taxation by the Accreditation Council of Accountancy (ACAT) 

OR meet ONE of the following criteria:

  1. Holds an undergraduate degree in accounting or business administration with at least 12 semester hours in accounting;
  2. Holds an associates degree with a major in accounting;
  3. Has five years experience as a principal in his/her own firm, a partner or officer in an accounting firm or an employee holding a responsible accounting position in an accounting firm.

PSTAP Member CPE Requirements:  ACTIVE members must obtain a minimum of 24 hours of continuing professional education annually, 2 hours of which must be in Ethics.  An Active member who is a Certified Public Accountant, Public Accountant or Enrolled Agent must obtain the minimum amount of continuing professional education required by their respective regulating body. 

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Associate Member

Associate Membership Annual Dues:  $199

Individuals may apply for ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP only if they do not qualify for ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS must be either:

  • Individuals/employees of an accounting or tax practitioner firm who do not meet the requirements for ACTIVE membership;


  • Individuals/employees of government, a financial institution, a private sector business, a non-profit entity or an educational institution whose primary duties are in the field of accountancy or taxation who do not meet the requirements for ACTIVE membership. 

PSTAP Member CPE Requirements:  ASSOCIATE members must obtain a minimum of 15 hours of continuing professional education annually, 2 hours of which must be in Ethics.  

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Student Member

Student Members Annual Dues:  Free* (based on verified FULL-TIME STUDENT status as defined below)


  • STUDENT MEMBERS MUST be attending college, university or business school FULL-TIME and must be pursuing a course of study in Accounting, Business Administration, or related subject.

  • STUDENT MEMBERS MUST also provide their valid student information- including their current school's name, their major/s and/or subjects of study and be able to provide verification of their current FULL-TIME student enrollment status.
  • STUDENT MEMBERS ARE NOT ELIGIBLE TO EARN OR COMPLETE CPE (Continuing Professional Education) credits through registering/attending our offered CPE courses/events as a Student Member.  In order to begin earning CPE credits through our offered courses/events, Student Members must update their PSTAP membership status by becoming either an Active Member or Associate Member with us (in-place of a Student Member).  If and/or when a Student Member does find that they meet the requirements and/or qualifications listed for our Active Membership or Associate Membership, they should contact us ASAP in order to update their PSTAP membership to either Active Member or Associate Member status in order to begin earning and reporting their CPE credits through our courses/events they register for, attend and complete.
  • A FULL-TIME STUDENT IS a person who is enrolled for the number of hours or courses the school considers full-time attendance. A person is not a full-time student if attending school only at night. Full-time student is defined by IRC Reg. Section 1.151-3(b).
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