PSTAP Practitioner Toolkit

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Because Who Has Time to Reinvent the Wheel? 

PSTAP Members have access to this ever-growing collection of models and samples, real-world documents you can adopt or adapt to fit the requirements of your firm to better serve your clients.

Models and Samples are submitted by members, attorneys and other related experts and reviewed by our committee volunteers and staff. The documents in our library are deemed relevant and useful to the work of practitioners.

Engagement Letter - Business Returns
LLC Operating Agreement
Pennsylvania Use Tax Certification Form
Checklist - Act 32 EIT for Small Employers
Checklist - Business Tax Returns - Reviewer
Checklist - Individual Tax Returns - Reviewer
Checklist - IRS/PA Tax Notices - Office Response
Checklist - Items to Put in Permanent File
Checklist - Payroll Taxes
Checklist - Post Tax Season Retrospective
Checklist - Preparer's Pre Review Procedures
Checklist - Data Information Security Plan
Checklist - Data Theft
IRS - ERC Eligibility Checklist
IRS - ERC Red Flags
IRS - Order to Stop ERC Processing
Qualified Wages for ERC - Template
Classification of Federal K-1 Income for PA PIT
Engagement Letter - Personal Income Tax Returns
State Extention Requirements for 2022 Return
7216 - Consent to Disclose Taxpayer Information
7216 - Course Slide Deck
WISP - Creating a Written Information Security Plan
Client Termination Letter
Employment Agreement
Client Letter Re: Fee Increase
Tax Season Follow Up Form
Top Ten Client Pet Peeves
Ways to Evaluate Staff Tax Season Performance
Ways to Make Tax Season More Fun
Quickbooks - 10 Step to Cleaning Up Client Data