PA Department of Revenue Q&A - December 2023

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PSTAP & PA Department of Revenue 2023 Q&A PDF

We provide here (follow the PDF link directly above), a summary of answers provided by the Department of Revenue (DOR) from December 14, 2023. You will find many thorough yet succinct responses and answers from the DOR within the linked 9-page PDF document, featuring 28 main discussion points addressing and/or outlining a further 27 or more additional questions. This presentation is classified as revenue information issued for informational purposes only for the convenience of PSTAP's members:

Pursuant to 61 PA. Code Section 3.4, this presentation should not be relied upon for any purpose or used in tax appeals. Taxpayers requiring a binding opinion on a specific situation may request a written letter ruling under 61 PA. Code Section 3.3.